Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting Signed - part three - how it ends

As I said, the odds are statistically stacked against you. Of the 10 000 people just like you with the same aspiration, 9 999 are going to be crawling out from the wreckage somewhere between 25 and 30 and asking the question, "now what?"

When you go back to university at 25 after crawling out from the wreckage of that rock-star plane that just crashed, and finish when you're almost 30, you will find that you have missed out on a lot of the typical experiences that other people have. Even the window to having children is beginning to close at this point if you are female. Not closed, but beginning to close. Of course, you will most certainly have your own stories to tell about the time you met so-and-so, and got to jam with another so-and-so, and the legendary party where another so-and-so drove his Porsche into the swimming pool, and that time you played at this really dive-y bar an hour south of SanFrancisco and got beat up with all your gear stolen, and....

Of course, all the while, you will have to endure the hoards of smug doubters who will crawl out of the woodwork saying, “I told you so.”

Or maybe... just maybe.... the lightning fairies will be on your side, and YOU'LL be the one smugly saying, "I told ya!"

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